Welcome to ShintoResources. This is intended to be a page that will offer links to resources about the religion in English, as well as translate (eventually), offer commentary from the author about a faith he's been part of for a decade, and other related topics.

The values of ShintoResources are to provide simple and easy to understand resources about the faith with no biases of any kind but also neither hate, nor vitriol, nor personal biases except where explicitly stated.

We do not believe that Shinto is a religion only for the Japanese. Rather, it's a religion only for those with the time, commitment, values and mindset it requires. Nothing else is necessarily required.

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Frequently Asked Questions A History of Shinto (Not completed) Beliefs and Practices (Not completed) Divisions and Sects
Separating Shinto from Buddhism Shinto in Japan (Not completed) Kokka (State) Shinto
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